CHAPTER 190 Ft. Aaron Gwin

CHAPTER 190 AARON GWIN ” i think it was 2012 where i won i think by almost eight seconds and it was the same thing in qualifying. it was just like one of those weekends where i felt like i had a line on every straightaway of the track that nobody else had and i… Continue reading CHAPTER 190 Ft. Aaron Gwin


This all started as a ridiculous idea on the podcast.

CHAPTER 189 Ft. Brian Deegan

‘The General’ Brian Deegan first joined us on Gypsy Tales earlier in 2020 just as we were getting the US Studio off the ground. Following an epic debut US podcast with Ryan Hughes, Brian’s first GT episode shot straight to our #1 most downloaded on audio platforms at over 300,000 downloads and counting.

CHAPTER 188 Ft. Haiden Deegan

If you want the truth… I didn’t even know Haiden was going to be doing the podcast this morning. It was the same the first time Haiden did the podcast.

CHAPTER 187 Ft. Stankdog

Gared Steinke races f*cking dirt bikes… 2-stroke dirt bikes to be exact. He is a cult figure in motorcross and one of the most universally loved guys on two wheels.