Island Hopping

From Bali to Phillip Island for the first Ducati Ride Day

OFF-SZN Ft. Jack Miller

Have you ever wondered what a MotoGP rider gets up to in the Off-Season? Well we can’t speak for every rider, but when it comes to the Gumlow lord Jack Miller it is simple… Motocross and Fishing.

CHAPTER 205 Ft. Billy Bolt

CHAPTER 205 billy bolt “they were like ‘oh we don’t mind you can come and work out the truck whatever’ and they had a poster i made and i just remember like everybody was coming up just like i was like taddy was just yeah cody webb was that it for ktm at the time… Continue reading CHAPTER 205 Ft. Billy Bolt

CHAPTER 204 Ft. Tommy Searle

CHAPTER 204 Tommy searle “we still had no idea, like i had no idea… i never watched races on tv and my dad had never been to an actual professional race. i’d never been to a world championship before i raced a world championship” tommy searle Tommy Searle and I go back to a time… Continue reading CHAPTER 204 Ft. Tommy Searle

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CHAPTER 203 Ft. Casey Stoner

CHAPTER 203 Casey stoner ” my will to win was greater than the fear.., if i let fear control me then i never would have gone as fast as what i did. so i would figure out how to be fast without the same risk and then that of course takes a little bit of… Continue reading CHAPTER 203 Ft. Casey Stoner

CHAPTER 202 Ft. Mick Doohan

it’s very very different to go from riding a dirt bike and you know doing dirt track to go on two 300 k’s an hour i i the speed never excited me to be honest and if anything that was something i was i was scared of

CHAPTER 201 Ft. Josh Hill

CHAPTER 201 JOSH HILL “It’s just it’s something to behold and it’s gonna be cool… I just can’t wait till more people ride it to to see i’m not crazy!” JOSH HILL Josh Hill is one of the boys. One of the gentlemen that has an open invite for the podcast. Partly because of the… Continue reading CHAPTER 201 Ft. Josh Hill

CHAPTER 200 Ft. Daniel Ricciardo

CHAPTER 200 daniel ricciardo “I don’t want to say this like I sell it short but I kind of fell into the four wheels you know. Because it’s like I think if i had the choice as a kid maybe i would have chose two wheels and a thing i made on two wheels but… Continue reading CHAPTER 200 Ft. Daniel Ricciardo

CHAPTER 199 Ft. Willy Stolk

CHAPTER 199 Willy stolk “mel gibson talks about his old man and his dad yeah he’s 93 or something and then he he he got hobbled in in the wheelchair and then in the next one he comes in and he picks up the the quite large mexican woman and walks her out yeah at… Continue reading CHAPTER 199 Ft. Willy Stolk